As a neighbour to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Wadden Sea, Esbjerg has it all - beautiful nature and a rich animal life.
Go on a seal safari, see the birds and the fish and experience the turn of the tides in the Wadden Sea.

The Fisheries and Maritime Museum

Fascinating experiences for the whole family - watch the seals in the sealarium and the attractive fish and attention-grabbing animals in the aquaria, or learn more about man and the sea in the displays on fisheries, seafaring, and nature below the sea surface.

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oplevelser ved vadehavet
Experiences at the Wadden Sea

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Storm surges in the Wadden Sea

Throughout time, storm surges have regularly struck the low-lying areas by the Wadden Sea. Modern dykes have prevented fatalities for more than one hundred years, but climate change could lead to new challenges for the dykes by the Wadden Sea.

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Exploring the Wadden Sea

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