We take responsibilit

It is an everyday priority for everyone at Hotel Britannia as an employee and guests. Therefore, there are several initiatives throughout the house to improve and take co-responsibility when it comes to our environment. Here you can see which initiatives we are working on.

UN world goals are our goals

The UN's World Goals consist of 17 goals and 169 sub-goals and are to date the most ambitious global development. We strive to get through all the goals and have the main focus on three goals at a time to get to the finish line.

Focus 2022 - Health & well-being - Sustainable energy - Responsible consumption and production

Further develop professionalism

To develop and maintain our service, we take pride in further developing professionalism. Our staff has a professional knowledge and professional approach. When you visit Hotel Britannia you will always be greeted by trained staff as well as staff who are in training.

Windmills and emergency aid

Our Nødstrøm electricity agreement is our opportunity to choose green electricity from Danish wind turbines as well as emergency aid for the climate and the world's most vulnerable. This is done in collaboration with DanChurchAid and through 3 good initiatives. Trees are planted in Uganda that make the production of your electricity 100% climate neutral.
Investment is being made in climate adaptation in the areas hardest hit by climate change. Emergency aid is provided when climate-created disasters strike.

Textiles are gentle on nature and people

All our textiles are eco-labeled and manufactured responsibly with low consumption of chemicals and harmful substances. That is why we have chosen to rent and have our bed linen, towels and bath mats washed at Berendsen's. In 2019, Berdensen became world goal certified as the first company in the world.

Efforts against food waste and recycling

We work against food waste and recycling. Therefore, as a guest you will be greeted with the REFOOD mark which is a trust-based certification. It is based on a common vision of a sustainable food and service sector, characterized by less waste of resources and more recycling.